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17 July 2009 @ 09:26 pm
16 And Pregnant  
OMG, so I hate this show (so much that I tune in every week), but this kills me. I kind of love these kids. Did they make bad choices? Absolutely. Are they trying to do the best for their baby, despite the uttter white-trashinesas of their backgrounds/lives right now, despite no support from their crappy, crappy parents? YES! OMG, I just wish someone would adopt them you know?

Oh, and and, I meant to mention that the boy reminded me a lot of season one Ryan, if the Teresa fiasco had happened back then, and he was living with Dawn and Frank. Just seeing him go toe-to-toe with his dad, who thought that he should "man up" and have the kid was heartwrenching, since his dad spent 10 years of Tyler's youth in prison. Anyway...
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cianconnellcianconnell on July 18th, 2009 12:32 pm (UTC)
They actually ended up giving her away. The first kids that the show's profiled that have actually considered it. Most of the others are utter trainwrecks and the boys, especially, unintersted in being parents, uninterested in being with their baby mama and uninterested in what is best for the kid.

You could tell that it was killing this boy to give her away, but he has one confrontation with his winner of a dad about how he doesn't want the kid to grow up like he did and have nothing and it was very sweet and both kids were really doing the best thing for the best reasons. It seems like it will be a fairly open adoption at least from the interview with the parents and, apparently the previews for the reunion show have the adoptive parents showing up with the little girl.

I really hope for the best for them and that they can get the hell out of their homes and off to school (I really liked the girl as well).

I cried throughout the whole episode, because its nice to see good kids on MTV for a change.