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03 February 2011 @ 10:20 am
FNL 5X12 Texas Whatever  
And then there was one...

OMG, again, y'all...

Well, they're certainly not going to end the series with everyone angry at everyone else, so I'm counting on a ton of reconciliations next week. Eric & Tami, Billy & Tim, hell's from the preview, it looks like stupid Ornette even mans up (finally) and goes to the game, despite being pissed at Vince.

I really don't know what to think about the whole Tami/Eric thing. I just can't imagine Eric out of Texas high school football (Philly isn't even all that big on football...it's hardly Pittsburgh), and he really does make such a huge impact on the kids, it would be a shame to lose him. I mean, I get Tami's point (and I loved her line about telling him something that he "didn't have the grace" to tell her), but they made the decision together, at some point, to follow his dream, while she raised Julie and beyond. Yes, she might never get the same employment opportunity, but I think that she's better served molding young kids, not in charge of some college admissions program.


Heh, poor Mindy. Her reaction to drowning in infant and toddler gear (and diapers) was spot-on. I sincerely hope that Billy gets a coaching gig for next season. I love, love, love that they always show Billy reading lines and rehearsing before he's got something big (or little, as in his first motivational speech) to say. Though, keep your eyes on the damned road, soon-to-be father of three.

Tim (sorry) continues to annoy a bit. How he can't own up to screwing up is kind of pissing me off. No, Tim, you didn't have "nothing to do with it," Billy told you to stay away, and you willingly helped out. Ugh, you also didn't do time for Billy, you took full blame and let him off the hook. At the time, it was either Tim and Billy going down for it together or Tim denying that Billy had anything to do with it. All of the hard evidence was against Tim and Billy had a couple of priors, which would have landed him significantly more jail time than Tim got. Blah. I know that he feels sorry for himself (and heh, to the, "If you're asking if I was raped in prison, I wasn't"), but dayum. Revisionist history is not what happened. Though, I do love that it let Tyra have her moment and kind of kick him in the shins. Damned right that Billy has always believed in Tim, even if no one else has.

Oh Luke, so very, very cruel. Don't take out your disappointmnt at being a D-3 player on Becky. Again, I never, ever thought I'd be on Becky's side a year ago, but she's so damned cute this season. You're a D-3 player. That ain't bad, the town sounded no worse than Dillon (hey, you can even travel to OKLAHOMA every two years), and take some agriculture classes if they have them, play football for another 4 years and come back to the family farm (and make a billion babies with Becky, they'd be adorable). While I liked Tim's advice to him (and who knows, maybe a standout performance at state might make a difference in recruitment), that was more advice TIM should have gotten. Luke? Isn't Tim, and can probably handle school without being a mess.

Vince and Jess. I'm so happy that they're back together. I loved their ill-fated plea to the school administrator about East Dillon. I loved that he appreciated it, even though it couldn't possibly make a difference. They are really good kids, and the East Dillon Lions has really shaped them both in the last 1.5 years. Poor Jess, hopefully, if Coach doesn't stay (ugh, Philly? Really?...I'm with Coach, the Taylors are NOT "East Coast people," hells, I was born and raised in the DC metro area, went to university for 7 years in Philly, then lived in/around Atlanta for another 7 and I don't think that I'm really "East Coast people" anymore), will find someone to mentor her. Maybe Billy'll take her under his wing, if he happens to get a gig.

MATT! I'm kind of over Julie, but I'm glad that Matt's back for the end, plus I did kind of dig the Julie/Tyra time. I dig Tyra, so you could put her with anyone and I'm good. Mama Colette! Everyone's kind of come home to roost. I wish Smash would make an appearance (or Mama Smash), but just knowing that he's an Aggie, playing well and apparently first-string is good enough for me. Poor Lorraine. She's really losing it, but it's nice that she has Matt home for Christmas.

Do you think Landry will come home, too?

Anyway, I'm dying with anticipation over the finale (while also dreading that the entire series is OVER next week). Blergh, I even hated seeing Matt Lauria on an ad for The Chicago Code, which BOO! 3.1 stars? I mean yays that he's working, but it just makes it even more final.

Finally, love, love, loved the callback to the boys hanging out, drinking beers and reminiscing on the field before the big game. I really came to care about Vince, Luke & Tink (hells, even Buddy Jr. and Hastings, who actually got a bit to do...poor actor, I'm sure his role was shrunk when they knew they had to wrap it up).

Anyway, them's my thoughts. ONE MORE EPISODE! I'm so not ready for it to end.
dorabelledorabelle on February 4th, 2011 01:31 am (UTC)
Oh, and that's not to say he'd only go because he felt slighted. I think Tami made a cogent argument. Yes, she signed on for being a "coach's wife", but no deal you sign on to is eternal. Negotiation is always dependent on circumstances.