April 13th, 2007


The Golden Ticket

Fandom: Friday Night Lights
Title: The Golden Ticket
Pairing: Walt/Tim
Author: cianconnell
Rating: R for language.
Word Count: 1416
Disclaimer: Some things borrowed, nothing owned.
Author’s Note: Not beta’d—I’m so terribly, terribly sorry for the mistakes that remain. Totally dedicated to overnighter, who writes the best FNL recaps in the business. Look, overnighter, it’s so totally (kind of) a drabble!

Walt awoke with a crippling hangover. Again. His brain hurt, his mouth was dry, his bladder was uncomfortably full and the early morning light streaming in through the flimsy sheets tacked to and covering the windows of his rented ramshackle clapboard house had somehow managed to stab straight through his tightly closed lids, causing his eyes to ache and aggravating the pounding in his head. All he wanted to do was turn over, pull the cigarette scorched and smoke infused blanket over his head and fall back asleep.

For about a hundred years.

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