May 16th, 2007

"hey brother"

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hey, y’all just stopping by to wave and say “hey.”

Things are incredibly busy here, but it’s all good. We sold the house last Friday, so that’s a relief. Nobody coming through, no need to keep it neat-as-a-pin. But, also? A windfall, cause the company kicks back 2% of the appraised value, for not having to take it over and selling it itself.

So, we sold the house for exactly how much the company was going to buy us out for…and also got another almost $8K to boot…and the new house? Which is double the square footage? Yeah…$30K less than we sold this townhouse for. And? And? Our interest rate on the mortgage is 2% less than our interest rate on this mortgage.

Go...lousy housing market (well, in non-resort-type places) and recession!

But, for all that...I’m still pouting that I have to leave the mountains, but to be in a big house, with a basement and yard is a good thing (or so I keep telling myself).

And...I've already got my first visitor-to-be, as my friend L (who used to live across the drive) has already signed up to go shopping in Denver and stay over at the end of June. Yays!

Um…besides that? I had overnighter and miss_begonia here Saturday-Sunday. They are…exactly as made up of entirely as much awesome as I'd imagined. The husband cooked for all of us on Saturday night, then sent us off to the Ritz. It was…amazing. Very much like my evening with avoidingnemo and dorabelle at the Atlanta Ritz (but sans the club level...we stayed on club...but the food and drink were absent...closed for the season...BOO!).

But anyway, as I was was like meeting old friends.

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