May 23rd, 2007


Sorry, y'all, who've gotten notices on FF. For some...I dunno...stoopid reason, I decided to post all my FNL fic before I move. In the subthreads. Why, oh why does FNL not have a *real* thread?'s beyond me.

But, post I did.

But...before I did, since I wrote all of this stuff months ago...I didn't know what to *rate* it. Yeah...I shoulda known. I don't write smut or slash, but I so totally ran a find for the word "fuck"...just to make sure I didn't do it more than one time per story...per FF rules for a Teen (or whatever rating)...

I failed. With the miserably. Apparently...Billy Riggins cusses as much as...if not more than Ryan and Trey Atwood.

Who knew?

Um...I guess I'm hanging out in the *M* territory.

Go me!

Scurries off to call the doc to c'mon and fax already the older kid's immunization records. Four shots yesterday! Kindergarten rules!

ETA: Hees that *poopie* (*poopy*?) is a *bad* word in my house!