July 27th, 2007

"hey brother"

Much Thanks!

Seriously, everyone.

Y'all rock. I got some awesome ideas. The water glass changing colors, dollar coins, etc. I think most of you were within the range of what I was thinking--$1-2.

We left $2 boring dollar bills, though I did explain to Con that he probably caught the tooth fairy by surprise--a last minute addition to her rounds, since I so totally want to leave him the coins next time.

Something different and unique to the tooth fairy (and public transportation ticket machines everywhere).

I'm glad we went with two, since Conall's reaction was that the tooth fairy obviously left one for him and one for his brother and to immediately give Cian a buck.

Of course, I s'pose we could have just left two quarters and got the same bang...for 1/4 of the price.

Another childhood milestone come and gone and I gotta say. I'm okay with it. I so much love 5 more than 4 and 4 more than 3. Fewer temper tantrums, less unpredictablity, better-developed senses of humor, verbal skills, development of their own interests, etc.

Thanks again!

Oh, and when I'm old and getting gummy, I'm totally tracking down smc36 and moving in. Good God, woman!

New Psych! tonight. And with Lou Diamond Phillips guest starring. One degree of the Ackles, y'all!

How come he gets to play with all the cute boys?