September 25th, 2007

"hey brother"

Random Pic Spam

Cause work is pissing me off. Stupid Supreme Court. Seriously!

Though, what's not pissing me off?

shelbecat's awesome fic. It's Tim/Billy and while it does have a minor, minor spoiler for S201, it's like...a nanosecond of on-screen time and won't ruin a thing. I swear, like for reals.

In other news, mel39 will be in Denver this weekend. I'm really hoping to meet up with her and her family. In fact, weirdly enough, I've got another friend in town. Totally from another board (shut up!) It's the only other board I've ever belonged to...a pregnancy board from when I was carrying Cian, which I dropped like a prom dress, after the kids were all born and the nursing/cloth diapering commandos reared their ugly, ugly heads, though I've kept in touch with a select few for over five years. Heh, that I actually joined TWoP (or started reading it) right after I quit this group.

Anywho, I've never met this friend in person, either. So we're throwing a BBQ (with a couple of in-town couples and their kids as well). Yo! I've met the townies!

As I said, I hope to meet the Mels as wells.

We'll see.

Other than that? We won our second soccer game (2-0 for the season so, so very undefeated, so, so very must be the coaching!). This one was like 8-1. And? While I feel a little bit bad (or not, Con had two goals), you can't tell 4-6 year-olds to lighten up on the scoring.

We did get pulled aside (by the other coach), for the trash-talking. Which my kids (the team, not just my kids) find hilarious...uh...touchy-feely lady. In my defense, during our practices, we trash-talk each other, during a time when, necessarily several of my own team are LOSING. Yet, they still seem to find enjoyment in the sport (um...of soccer and/or trash-talking).

Con's favorite? "Do I smell...chicken?" as he blows by other kids on his teeny tiny chicken legs. Though the kid? Is fast.

Urgh! I'll work on sportsmanship, why don't you work on lightening the fuck up? Oh, and the rules of the game. Since your player so can not stand directly in front of my players on a kick off.

Good thing we didn't have many kickoffs.


Yes, I'm just this bad. I'm so ill-equip-ed to run a toddler soccer team (give me back my U-14-15 elite traveling team and I'm all over it).

Ahem, anyway, back to my picspam. We went to Rocky Mountain National Park last weekend. So, so much fun. And? We are now proud owners of a 12-month pass to the National Park System. We'll be parking in National places a lot in the coming year, apparently.

So, while mswalter went for a 17-mile hike up, up and waaaay up? Well, we went for a drive up one of the longest paved high-altitude roads in the country.

I win!

I'd say cause I'm not sore now, and yet? I pulled a muscle in the back of my calf a few weeks back that hurts like Holy Hector. And? It's making me run funny, so I'm a day away from shin splints and knee problems, I'm thinking.

Meh, nevermind, I so totally lose.

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