September 28th, 2007


*sighs big-ly*

Okay, so I know that I'm totally the tv sluttiest of all of us. Yes, I know...though in my defense. Some more. I totally watched My Name is Earl and Psych and The Riches and The Office and Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report and Eureka and 30 Rock and Andy Barker, PI...all on the i-pod, whilst working out, so I'm not that bad...right, right? Desperately seeks validation.

BTW, Dirty, Sexy Money is exactly as awesome as it should be.

But I'm here for a dirty little secret. Okay, so I watched Laguna Beach and now The Hills and even some Newport Harbor...but? My guiltiest pleasure is...Life of Ryan.

Y'all, this totally has MTV-reality TV trainwreck written all over it and yet? And yet? What's absolutely surprising and refreshing is how frigging sympathetic Ryan is. I mean, you get this adorable 17-year-old, who's also top of the sport (skateboarding) and you follow his life, but his parents are just going through a divorce (with Daddy 'rhoider and his new bimbo girlfriend) and his mom putting waaaay too much pressure on him and he's got to look after his two little brothers (little Kane totally steals the show, by the way)and support, basically both families...and?

The kid just seems so raw and goodhearted and inherently sweet. Seriously, so totally unexpected. I'm just sayin'

Oh, and the whole date that fell through cause her parents didn't approve of the skater lifestyle, without ever meeting him? Will break your heart. For reals.

Yes, I watch Waaaaay too much t.v., but...I kind of feel like stashing little Ry in my poolhouse.

And Shane and Kane, too!


In other news? Hopefully meeting mel39 and her family this weekend!!!

Will not make them watch Life of Ryan

I swears!